Sacred Heart RC Nursery & Primary school are preparing for Christmas.

Children across the school are taking part in Advent activities as we prepare for the arrival of Jesus.

The pictures show Reception class decorating their class Christmas tree using baubles that they have brought in from home.

Mrs Pancott, the Reception class teacher comments: ‘The children were so excited to begin our Christmas preparations they couldn’t wait to decorate their tree.’

At such as a busy time of year we must remember the true importance of Christmas and Eryn describes this beautifully.

‘Christmas is about celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

At such a busy time of year it is important to always remember that message.

Reception are counting down the days to Christmas in a unique way this year. Not a chocolate treat in sight!

Children in Reception class are enjoying a daily Christmas story in the lead up to Christmas. The children are taking it in turns to choose a wrapped advent book and then together as a class we share this story together.

We have made the classroom cosy by using an interactive backdrop of a roaring fireplace to add some ambiance to our story telling.

Mrs Pancott comments; ‘The children come into school super excited at opening their chocolate advent calendars at home and our school advent calendar excites the children also. The children are always so eager to hear stories and we enjoy sharing stories every day.’

Reading to our children everyday is so important and when children are eagerly asking when they can open their next advent present we know that their love for reading is growing.