Year 1 News!

The Christmas Truce

Posted: 17 December 2018

Year 1 Football

Posted: 26 June 2018

On Thursday 14th June, Year 1 went to a Football Tournament at PCSA. Sacred Heart had 4 teams and each team played 5 matches each. Before attending the tournament, we had limited football experience and some of us had never played a game of football before. By the end of the 5 matches, we had some great players and everybody had lots of fun!


Year 1 – Beach Trip

Posted: 30 April 2018

On Thursday 26th April, Year 1 went to the beach to look for precious stones and shells. While we were there we saw a pirate ship in the distance with red and yellow sails. While we were digging for treasure we found a glass bottle with a letter tucked inside. It was from the Jolly Dodgers and they need our help! We need to guide them to Paignton Harbour and help them to fix their ship otherwise someone will have to walk the plank!

More news from Year 1

Paignton Beach

On Thursday 20th April, Year One went to Paignton Beach to collect shells and dig for Pirate treasure. While we were there, we made a fantastic discovery and uncovered a message in a bottle, buried in the sand! We carefully opened the letter and read a message from the Jolly Dodgers, a pirate family looking for somewhere to land for a while to repair their ship and have a rest. We now have to reply to the Jolly Dodgers and persuade them that Paignton is a fantastic seaside town to visit.  Watch this space for updates…


Tennis Festival

On Thursday 11th May, Year 1 took part in a Tennis Festival, hosted by the Sports Leaders at PCSA. They developed many skills during the afternoon which will equip them well for playing tennis during their future PE lessons. It was also a wonderful opportunity to work with children from our fellow schools across Torbay.

Open the Book

On Thursday 18th May, some representatives from Year One were chosen to take part in our Open the Book assembly. The story this week was about Queen Esther and how she put aside her own safety and the love of her King to protect her fellow Jewish people from Haman.


Paignton Library Visit

On Thursday afternoon, Year One walked to Paignton Library in our pyjamas (for Children in Need!) to hear some stories and experience a range of different texts linked to our theme of Kite Flying. We had a wonderful time, Librarian Jane read us some super stories, taught us some songs and gave us some colouring activities and worksheets linked to Kites to take back to school.