Year 1 News!

Children In Need

Posted: 18 November 2019

Sacred Heart raised a staggering £300 hundred pounds (and still counting) yesterday for BBC Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who bought merchandise or gave a donation to wear their pyjamas for the day.

Year 1 Football

Posted: 26 June 2018

On Thursday 14th June, Year 1 went to a Football Tournament at PCSA. Sacred Heart had 4 teams and each team played 5 matches each. Before attending the tournament, we had limited football experience and some of us had never played a game of football before. By the end of the 5 matches, we had some great players and everybody had lots of fun!


Year 1 – Beach Trip

Posted: 30 April 2018

On Thursday 26th April, Year 1 went to the beach to look for precious stones and shells. While we were there we saw a pirate ship in the distance with red and yellow sails. While we were digging for treasure we found a glass bottle with a letter tucked inside. It was from the Jolly Dodgers and they need our help! We need to guide them to Paignton Harbour and help them to fix their ship otherwise someone will have to walk the plank!

More news from Year 1

Year 1 - Striking & Fielding

On Thursday 9th May 2019, Year One went to PCSA to take part in 7 different events planned and directed by the junior sports leaders. The theme was striking and fielding and the activities helped to develop the skills of the children in aiming, throwing and striking a ball.