Year 2 News!

Christmas Dinner for all!

Posted: 16 December 2019

Warburtons Visit

Posted: 9 December 2019

On Wednesday morning, Year 2 welcomed Warburtons into the classroom.
During the session the children learnt all about the ‘Eat Well’ plate and what a balanced meal looks like.

Over break time, the classroom was transformed into a sandwich shop! The children washed their hands, put on their aprons and hairnets and made their own healthy sandwich. We finished off the morning with a discussion about how we can reduce food waste.

Red Watch – Firemen Visit

Posted: 19 November 2019

Many thanks to the fire fighters from Red Watch at Paignton Fire Station for coming to visit Year 2 yesterday. As part of their community work they delivered some very important information about fire hazards, prevention and what to do if we spot a fire. We are sure many of the children will be asking adults to check their smoke alarms at home! A great link to our topic on the Great Fire of London.

More news from Year 2

Year Two Charity Event and Parent Afternoon

During the autumn term Year Two were lucky enough to team up with Year One. We all put our heads together to create an afternoon of ‘Festive Frenzy.’ The afternoon was to help raise money for our chosen school charity; Rowcroft Hospice, as well as show the amazing things we had created. It was an afternoon full of singing, creating and laughter and it couldn’t have happened without the support from our parents, family and friends. What a fantastic way to end our autumn term!