Year 5 News!

Christmas Dinner for all!

Posted: 16 December 2019

Year 5 – Firewatch

Posted: 10 December 2019

Year 5 had a visit from Paignton fire fighters on Thursday to talk about the importance of fire safety. They informed the children all about the different duties they have, how they work as part of a team and how to get in touch with the emergency services. The latter being a potentially life-saving skill for our children and families.

First Holy Communion

Posted: 25 November 2019

Fr Ralph led a beautiful Mass on Sunday and welcomed this year’s Holy Communion pupils on to the programme. The first preparation session was held in school yesterday and we are delighted to have 20 Sacred Heart pupils enrolled. We are joined by 6 pupils from local schools. Thank you to Mrs Smith, Mrs Flintham and Mrs Pascoe for their continuing work with our children preparing for this very special Sacrament on Sunday 14th June 2020.

More news from Year 5

Quicksticks Festival

On Thursday 28th September, Year 5 represented Sacred Heart in the cluster sport quicksticks festival. It was a fantastic event and the children were able to experience a new game in a competitive situation.


Year five enjoyed another event at PCSA and had great fun in many different activities.


Sacred Heart competed in the first triathlon organised by Tower House at Paignton Leisure centre. 6 children from year 5/6 were entered and did a fantastic job! They had to swim, run and cycle throughout the day. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions for the event.

Inspiration Day

Year 5 enjoyed an inspiration day at PCSA. They experienced many activities, such as: live battlefield, animal interaction, music, and science experience. The day was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Warren Barn


Year 5 we’re involved in the SkillBuld event at South Devon College. They enjoyed numerous activities, including: plastering, plumbing, building making and spray painting. They even met TV personalities for DIY SOS! It was a great day and may have created many new future tradesmen.

WW2 Workshop

Year 5 enjoyed a great day from the Time Traveller company. They went on a trip back in time to WW2, which led to many interesting discoveries. A Warden led the trip and showed many WW2 artifacts. The children were involved in numerous activities, including: code breaking, WW2 singing, putting out fire, writing postcards to home and delivering a performance.