Civic Award

The Torbay Civic Award (TCA) has been designed to promote good citizenship skills throughout the school and their communities. Pupils gain confidence, self-esteem and many valuable skills which they will carry throughout their lives, taking part in residential trips and experiencing many new activities.

What do participants have to do?

The basic principles behind the TCA are to increase confidence and independence in pupils by encouraging them to make a difference to their communities. This is achieved through 5 elements:

Active citizenship in the school – peer mediators, school councillors, house captains, etc.
  • Active citizenship in the community – beach cleaning, volunteer work, helping neighbours, dog walking, etc.
  • An active hobby;
  • A non-active hobby (one of which must be new);
  • A residential experience – time spent away from home and involving some type of adventure training.
Children are also expected to support a charity of their choice. This often couples neatly with the community element.

How are the participants assessed?

Civic Award participants are assessed in June. They produce a portfolio of evidence, which could contain photos, certificates, letters, receipts, planning sheets – the idea is not to add extra work, rather give prompts for their ‘interview’. The interview will be a short discussion/presentation with a local VIP! Successful candidates are then awarded will their certificates at a prestigious ceremony.

Can I help?

If your child is taking part, please support them whenever necessary, although bare in mind that each element should be driven by the children.