Contact your Teacher

Sacred Heart is a very open school and teachers make themselves available to work closely with parents. We stand by our school ethos of ‘Everyone is Sacred’ and value the role of every individual in each child’s life.
Each academic year at Sacred Heart begins with an informal ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting, to which all parents, carers and guardians are invited. This will provide an opportunity for sharing routines and expectations, along with the chance to discuss any possible questions.

As the autumn term progresses and the adults become more familiar with each of the children, there will be parent consultation meetings across all year groups. Within these sessions the teacher will set targets for Numeracy and Literacy. Our school encourages children to apply these targets both at home as well as in school.

The next formal contact is a second parent consultation within the spring term. This will allow us to reflect on any targets that have been set and the achievements children have made. From this we will then identify new targets or the reasons why we may need to continue those from the previous term. Please be aware that all teachers within the school are happy to arrange meetings at other times throughout the year if there are any questions that need to be answered or issues resolved. Please contact the office to arrange a meeting, either by using the email address at the bottom of this page, the phone number on our contacts page or by coming into school.

At the end of the school year you will receive a final written report showing your child’s levels of achievement in comparison with expectation for his or her age group. Your child’s teacher will also include comments for each of the core subject areas along with next step targets and anything that you can do to support your child’s learning. This report also includes a report on your child’s attendance/absence for the year. There is an opportunity for you to respond using a Parental Response box on the report. This will be fed back to both current and future class teachers.
At Sacred Heart we pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable staff, who are always enthusiastic when providing feedback to you. We will always try to ensure that any issues which may have arisen throughout the day will be fed back to you when you collect your child.

Contact - admin@shrcps.org