Term Dates


We believe that children can reach their full potential only by receiving full-time education, through regular and structured attendance. Sacred Heart expects all pupils to arrive and leave school punctually and we emphasise this to parents. All staff are concerned for the children’s welfare and happiness and everyone plays a part in promoting regular attendance among the pupils.

The national average for attendance is 96%. This is a target set by the government as realistic and achievable for EVERY child, unless there are significant circumstances. We employ an attendance officer at Sacred Heart, Matt Jackson. Matt’s job is to monitor the attendance of all pupils and support families who are struggling to get their children to school. As soon as your child’s attendance drops below 95%, it will trigger a letter from Matt. Please do not be offended if you receive one of these letters; the purpose is to support you and your child. Most children dropping below 95% soon build their attendance back up over the year but for some, it drops further. Those children dropping below 90% will become more of a focus in school.

Sometimes however, your child will become too unwell to attend school. In these circumstances, the best place for them is at home.

Please ensure that you contact the school office on 01803 558298 before 9am if your child is absent. It is our policy to call the parent of any child not in school on any given day of absence. If we cannot make contact, this will trigger a member of staff visiting you at home to check on the welfare of the child and family.


If your child has tested positive for covid, it is still the government advice that your child should stay at home for 5 days.