Our School as a Catholic Community

Mass, Act of Worship and Liturgy Rotas

Occasionally, there may be changes to class Masses depending on Father Candy’s schedule. If there are, you will be notified of the change by the class teacher.
Week Beginning Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2nd September 2019   Welcome Back - Whole School Liturgy KS1 - St. Therese of the Child Jesus Open the Book - Year 6 Star Awards
9th September 2019 23rd Ordinary Time KS2 - Exultation of the cross KS1 - Exulation of the cross. Year 6 Mass Open the Book - Year 5 Star Awards
16th September 2019 24th Ordinary Time KS2 - St Matthew - Evangelist KS1 - St Matthew - Evangelist. Year 5 Mass Open the Book - Year 4 Star Awards
23rd September 2019 25th Ordinary Time KS2 - St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels - Feast KS1 - St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels - Feast. Year 4 Mass Open the Book - Year 3 Star Awards
30th September 2019 26th Ordinary Time KS2 - Harvest Festival KS1 - Harvest Festival. Year 3 Mass Open the Book - Year 2 Star Awards
7th October 2019 27th Ordinary Time KS2 - St. Francis of Assisi KS1 - St. Francis of Assisi. Year 1/ 2 Mass Open the Book - Year 1 Star Awards
14th October 2019 28th Ordinary Time KS2 - St. Teresa - Doctor of the church KS1 - St. Teresa - Doctor of the Church. Year Reception / Nursery Mass Open the Book - Year Reception Gold, Silver, Bronze.
28th October 2019 INSET DAY KS2 - Islamic New Year / Diwali. KS1 - Islamic New Year / Diwali. Year 6 Mass. Open the Book - Year 6 Star Awards
4th November 2019 31st Ordinary Time KS2 - All Souls KS1 - All Souls. Year 5 Mass. Open the Book - Year 5 Star Awards
11th November 2019 32nd Ordinary Time KS2 - Dedication of the Lateran Basilica - Feast KS1 - Dedication of the Lateran Basilica - Feast. Year 4 Mass. Open the Book - Year 4. Star Awards
18th November 2019 33rd Ordinary Time KS2 - Christ the King KS1 - Christ the King. Year 3 Mass. Open the Book - Year 3 Star Awards
25th November 2019 Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King KS2 - St. Nicholas KS1 - Class Assembly . Year 1/ 2 Mass. Open the Book - Year 2 Star Awards
3rd December 2019 1st Sunday of Advent KS2 - Immaculate Conception - Feast. KS1 - Immaculate Conception - Feast. Year R/N Mass Open the Book - Year 1 Star Awards
9th December 2019 2nd Sunday of Advent. KS2 - Advent. KS1 - Advent. Open the Book - Year Reception Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards
16th December 2019 3rd Sunday of Advent KS2 - The Christmas Story KS1 - The Christmas Story    
S48 RE Inspection

In February Sacred Heart were inspected by the Diocese of Plymouth on behalf of OFSTED. The inspection focused on our school as a catholic community including the teaching of RE as a core subject. As a Catholic school we were judged as:

1. ‘If I, your Lord and Teacher have washed your feet, you are also to wash one another’s feet. For I have set you an example, that you should also do as I have done to you.’ John 13 14-15

This is the highest judgement that a Catholic school can be awarded. It is a great achievement for Sacred Heart in its mission to serve the children and adults within our Catholic community. If you would like to read the school inspection report, please click on the link below.
At times there may be changes to the RE rota due to events in school or Father Mark’s commitments. In the event of a change, the class teacher or office will notify you. If you have any questions regarding the rota, please ask Mrs Flintham.

The Catholic Community is one that is embedded in the areas of Welcome, Worship, Word, Welfare and Witness, and are the key components of what it means to live a Christian way of life. Sacred Heart, as a Catholic Community, embraces these components in our day to day school life, through our teaching, learning, relationships and ethos. Our Christian values, are embedded in our belief of creating a community that reaches out to all: in school, the local community and the wider world. In School Our religious curriculum, both knowledge and reflective, lay the foundation of our childrens’ academic and emotional development in school. Although is RE taught discreetly, our Catholic values permeates through all aspects of school life at Sacred Heart. We support every child and adult within our school community to thrive both academically and emotionally in a secure and loving community. Our Local Community We are proud to be part of the Parish of Sacred Heart, where we regularly attend Mass and significant events with members of the Parish. We hold our Sacred Heart Christmas Nativities and Easter Mass in Church where we again celebrate with our local community. We draw upon the support of the local community through visits into school and out of school, to ensure that the curriculum we offer the children is rich and diverse. The Wider World Each class has chosen a charity in which they will raise money for over the course of the next year. The charity will be linked into the curriculum and each class will fun raise for their chosen charity through events, selling items or maybe even performances! We aim to chow the children how the smallest of actions in school in Paignton can help vulnerable people and animals allover the world. Our Aims We aim to provide a loving community for children and adults that continues the mission of the Church. Our community grows from the foundations of Welcome, Worship, Witness, Welfare and Word.


To welcome one another in fellowship and love.

To create a disposition of every member of the community to be open to the needs of others, in how we listen, respond and act.


To celebrate the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ.

To ensure that our community gathers to reconcile, celebrate and spread His word.

To invite every member of our Catholic community to live each day through Word and Eucharist.


To share our values and faith with the world and our local community, so that others may come to know the love of Christ.

To promote a shared vision and shared values which stem from a shared sense of the teaching of the Gospel.


To encourage care and concern for others, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

To ensure our children are supported in their learning, shown compassion when they are unhappy or in need.

To ensure adults are cared for and that they care for one another.

To reach out to the local community, recognising the needs of others.


To expose children to the person of Christ, as revealed in Scripture and in the manner in which we teach.

To teach children to know that God speaks to us in the way we experience and engage with kindness, beauty, justice, the wonders of the natural world, relationships and the needs of others.

To model positive attitudes and communication through well prepared lessons.